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Cracked Heat Exchanger: A Major Furnace Problem

Monday, November 27th, 2023

Using a gas furnace is one of the most common ways to provide heat to a home during the winter. For the most part, you depend on your natural gas furnace to work safely for you if you remember to schedule an annual tune-up and inspection for it with HVAC professionals.

Still, a gas furnace can become hazardous, and one of the ways is because of a cracked heat exchanger. In this post, we’ll explain this furnace problem and what to do about it. We’re here to help with any furnace services in Greenville, SC that you need.

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Want to Pay Less for Heating This Winter? Here Are Our Best Tips!

Monday, November 6th, 2023

Just as dependable as the arrival of cold weather, winter means a rise in energy costs as you heat your home. There’s no way to avoid paying more on your utility bills through the cold months—you’ll use more electricity/natural gas to ensure your family stays safe and comfortable. But you may be paying more for your winter comfort than you have to.

We’re going to look at some of the ways you can lower those heating costs this winter. Our team is ready to help you with our top-notch heating services in Greenville, SC.

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Important Reminder! It’s Time to Schedule Annual Heating Maintenance

Monday, October 2nd, 2023
furance checked by technician in Greenville, SC

The official start of fall doesn’t always mean an immediate end to the heat. But it does mark a turning point where it’s time for people to start thinking about preparations for colder weather ahead. And that means more than just making sure you have enough thick socks and sweaters. Fall is the time to schedule annual professional heating maintenance in Greenville, SC.

What’s heating maintenance? If you’re asking this, we’re so glad we’re able to help you. Heating maintenance is an essential part of taking care of the furnace or heat pump that provides you and your family with warmth each winter. Keeping up with maintenance annually is key to getting the longest service life possible from your heating system and to prevent repairs, sudden breakdown surprises, and unnecessarily higher bills. Maintenance is the secret to better, less expensive home heating.

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Here’s How Heating Maintenance Helped You This Past Winter

Monday, April 3rd, 2023

Good news, it’s spring! That means warmer weather (although not consistently and not always immediately) and longer days and the feeling that soon summer fun will arrive. It’s also an important season for HVAC because it’s when people find it easiest to make major changes to their heating and cooling systems and when they arrange for their regular AC maintenance.

But before we start talking in depth about air conditioning maintenance (and we’ll get to that, don’t worry; our mascot Moose is big on AC maintenance), we want to take some time to talk about heating maintenance. Think about how your heating system performed over the winter. Did you enjoy the right level of comfort in your home? Did your heater run smoothly without encountering malfunctions or a breakdown? Were your utility bills what you expected and never sources of sticker shock?

If so, then you can thank the heating maintenance you had during the fall for your heater’s success. You may not think about it regularly, but maintenance was a big part of your comfort through the winter. As a wrap-up to the winter that just ended, we want to look at the ways professional heating maintenance helped you:

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