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How Long Will a Heat Pump Last?

Monday, July 10th, 2023

Heat pumps are wonderful devices. They pack both heating and cooling into a single package that runs entirely on electricity, and they can operate at high levels of energy efficiency, especially when compared to using an electric furnace. 

We’d all love it if heat pumps had no expiration dates, if they just could run and run and keep our homes comfortable year after year, regardless of the season. This isn’t reality, however, as any mechanical device will wear down with time. If you take good care of your heat pump, you can get a good, long service life out of it, but eventually you’ll need to contact us to schedule heat pump replacement in Greenville, SC.

So, when will your heat pump come to the end of its lifespan?

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My Heat Pump Isn’t Heating—What Gives?

Monday, January 9th, 2023

Our mascot, Moose, loves heat pumps. We agree with his reasons! You see, heat pumps not only offer a home both heating and cooling from a single unit, they also work at high efficiency in heating mode. Compared to using an electric furnace to heat a home, a heat pump uses far less energy and can save hundreds of dollars over a year. Plus, heat pumps are ideal for our climate because our milder winters make it easier for heat pumps to draw heat from outdoors to transport indoors.

But heat pumps aren’t perfect, and that’s why sometimes we have to set the Moose loose in your neighborhood to have them repaired. We handle services for heat pumps in Greenville, SC and we can get to the bottom of a problem such as a heat pump that won’t heat.

We’re always glad to share information with our clients, so let’s look at why your heat pump isn’t doing the “heating” half of its job.

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