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Greenville, SC Backflow Prevention Services

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Backflow prevention stops wastewater from moving the wrong direction within plumbing so it won’t contaminate the freshwater supply. Your home may need a special backflow preventer in place to stop this from occurring. When you need any backflow preventer services in Greenville, SC and the surrounding Upstate area, call on Carolina Climate Control and we’ll handle it.

  • We are committed to fast, environmentally friendly, reliable services
  • We provide a 1-Year Service Warranty on repairs
  • We employ well-trained plumbers

There are several different backflow preventer types, and our plumbers know how to service all of them. If you have a backflow preventer leaking or you need backflow preventer maintenance, we’ll get the work done so your home’s plumbing meets the local code requirements.

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Backflow Preventer Installation

Backflow prevention is essential for most commercial and industrial buildings. However, not all homes will need one because they don’t have cross-connections where backflow will cause freshwater contamination. But if your home has an indoor sprinkler system or irrigation system, you’ll need a backflow preventer installation if you don’t already have one. Carolina Climate Control can provide this service.

Backflow Preventer Repair 

If you receive a notice from the city that you need backflow preventer testing, and the device fails the test, you must have certified professionals repair it. Our plumbers are certified to do backflow preventer repair that will help you get your plumbing back up to local code for Greenville, SC and the surrounding Upstate area.

Backflow Preventer Replacement

Our plumbers may find that your old backflow prevention device is too old or damaged for repairs, in which case we’ll replace it. We have the proper certification to perform this job to meet code requirements so you won’t have to face any fines. Call us for more information or to ask any questions.


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