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Here’s How Heating Maintenance Helped You This Past Winter


Good news, it’s spring! That means warmer weather (although not consistently and not always immediately) and longer days and the feeling that soon summer fun will arrive. It’s also an important season for HVAC because it’s when people find it easiest to make major changes to their heating and cooling systems and when they arrange for their regular AC maintenance.

But before we start talking in depth about air conditioning maintenance (and we’ll get to that, don’t worry; our mascot Moose is big on AC maintenance), we want to take some time to talk about heating maintenance. Think about how your heating system performed over the winter. Did you enjoy the right level of comfort in your home? Did your heater run smoothly without encountering malfunctions or a breakdown? Were your utility bills what you expected and never sources of sticker shock?

If so, then you can thank the heating maintenance you had during the fall for your heater’s success. You may not think about it regularly, but maintenance was a big part of your comfort through the winter. As a wrap-up to the winter that just ended, we want to look at the ways professional heating maintenance helped you:


Safety is one of the most important parts of heating maintenance, especially if you use a gas-powered heating system. It’s also the easiest to underestimate–people certainly remember when something hazardous occurs with their heater, but don’t remember all the times it worked safely. So take a moment to think about how your fall heating maintenance kept your family safe this winter.

Reliable Heating Performance

When you turn your heater on during a cold day, you expect it to, well, heat. Why else have it? If you never had to think much about whether your heating system would come on or not whenever you needed it, that’s also thanks to maintenance. With regular tune-ups and inspections, your heater will do its job as it’s supposed to and you won’t have to think about it much at all.

Lower Utility Bills

Nobody likes to look at their utility bills. Bills are bills, after all. But you would enjoy your utility bills much less if you didn’t have maintenance. “Why are these costs getting so high?” would be your regular mantra, since your heating system would lose some of its energy efficiency each time it missed maintenance. Maintenance kept your bills steady through the winter.

Few Repair Calls

Did you have to call us this winter to come to your home and repair your heater? If you had maintenance before the winter started, we imagine the answer to this question is no. Although we’re always ready to answer your repair calls and get your heater fixed, we’re also happy to use maintenance to prevent those surprise events. It’s our job to look after your comfort and convenience, and maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your heater running without mishap. 

So raise a glass of whatever springtime drink you’ve got to heating maintenance in Greenville, SC. Now, onto air conditioning maintenance…

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