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Does a Dead Compressor Mean I Need to Get a New AC System?

Monday, June 26th, 2023

The compressor is the component of an air conditioner that uses the most power to operate. Arguably, it’s the most important AC component. Without the compressor, an air conditioner cannot carry out the process of heat exchange that allows it to pump heat out of a house and cool it down. 

You might have heard that if the compressor for your AC fails, that means the entire air conditioning system is shot and you need to replace it. That’s a big and expensive move—but is it true that a dead compressor means the end of your AC?

Well, sometimes it does. But not always. Below we’ll look at the different scenarios for HVAC replacement in Greenville, SC when you have a failed compressor. 

There are four different options you have when the compressor for your AC dies:

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