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Moose’s Early Heater Problem Detection Tips!


It’s November and we’re enjoying crisp and cool weather here in Greenville. We’re starting to turn on our heating systems for the first time since early spring, and when winter arrives next month, we can expect to use them more and more. 

If you run into problems with your home’s heating system, you only need to call us and set the Moose Loose to get that heater fixed. We’re here 24/7 for all your needs for heating repair in Greenville, SC

But our mascot Moose knows that you’d prefer to catch heating problems as early as possible so you don’t get stuck with a fully failed heater. So he’s put together a guide for how to detect early that your heater is headed for trouble. That way you can get our team out in time and see that you enjoy uninterrupted comfort this winter.

Tip 1: Listen for strange sounds

If you’ve had your heater for one season, you’re familiar with the standard sounds it makes as it runs. Most modern heaters run at low noise levels that won’t attract attention. When a heater noise does get your attention, it may be warning you something isn’t right. Listen for sounds like grinding, mechanical shrieking, loud clicking, hissing, electrical buzzing, and anything that’s just too loud. Have our team come check out what all the hub-bub is about. It may be that a serious problem is brewing!

Tip 2: Watch for rises in your utility bills

Moose knows that when you’ve got a well-working heating system, you can expect to see consistent energy costs from month to month and winter to winter. When you notice a sudden increase in those heating costs, and you know you haven’t been running the heater more than usual, we recommend you get our experts out to see what’s forcing the heater to work harder than it should.

Tip 3: Look out for short-cycling

What’s short-cycling? Moose will tell you that it’s when a heater keeps turning on and off rapidly—too rapidly! This is a common problem with heat pumps, but it can occur with gas and electric furnaces as well. For some reason, the heater is shutting off its heating cycle too early and then starting right back up again. You’ll still get warmth from the heater, but this short-cycling will drain power and wear the heater down fast. There are several sources for short-cycling, and you want our technicians to find out the cause and get it fixed before it worsens.

Tip 4: Cold spots

Most of your house feels warm and cozy. But a few rooms are colder than normal. What’s going on? Well, don’t ignore it, whatever it is! When your heater isn’t evenly warming up your house, it’s a sign that something is restricting the heater from reaching its full heating capacity—and that can often mean the heater is on its way to failing. Get us on the job and we’ll see your heater keeps on keeping on!

Contact Carolina Climate Control today and set the Moose Loose in Your Neighborhood!

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