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Get Your Fall Heating Maintenance With the Moose Plan


What’s one of the best things you can do in the fall to ensure you and your family enjoy a comfortable and trouble-free winter? Schedule heating maintenance in Greenville, SC with our technicians!

That may not sound immediately exciting to you, but wait until we tell you all about the benefits of having professional maintenance to inspect and tune up your heater. HVAC maintenance is one of the best services we offer: it saves time and money and delivers better comfort. 

Stay to the end of the post and you’ll find out how Moose, our mascot, makes maintenance an even better deal.

Maintenance Prevents Repairs

Regular maintenance for a heating system will prevent the majority of repairs the system may need. That’s right: more than 50% of the malfunctions a heater may encounter during its lifetime are due to maintenance neglect. When you have maintenance each year, you’ll erase most of the repairs you’d need to call us for.

Maintenance Extends Your Heating System’s Lifespan

Look at the service life estimate for your heating system. Now cut that in half. Not a nice thought, is it? Unfortunately, lack of maintenance can do that to a heater and leave you stuck with an expensive replacement years too early. When you keep up with maintenance, you’ll get the best return on your investment with a long-lasting heating system.

Maintenance Makes Your Heater More Energy Efficient

If you purchased a heating system with a high energy efficiency rating, you want the heater to continue to work at that level. Maintenance is essential for this; otherwise, the heater will decline each year and cost more and more to run. With our help, you’ll see your heater retain 95% of its original energy efficiency rating through most of its life.

Maintenance Gives You Peace of Mind

We think this is the best advantage of maintenance: taking away the worry that a heater will suddenly stop working during a winter day when it’s needed the most. Once we’ve given your heater a full inspection and tune-up in fall, you can relax through the winter about the heater’s performance—and your comfort.

The Moose Plan Makes Maintenance Even Better!

We love doing maintenance for our customers’ HVAC systems because we know all about the benefits and how much good it does for homes. To make maintenance an even better deal for our customers, Moose has created “The Moose Plan,” a maintenance program that saves you more and makes you a true VIP! Here is what you get when you join the Moose Plan:

  • 2 maintenance visits per year: one for your heater, the other for your air conditioner
  • A thorough 36-point system checkup to keep your heater/AC running efficiently and effectively
  • A 15% discount on repairs 
  • No overtime charges (diagnostic rates still apply)
  • Priority scheduling that puts you at the front of our service queue
  • We schedule the service for you when it’s due—that way you won’t forget!

There’s no reason to delay: fall is a great time to have heating maintenance done since you’ll be in time for the winter and you can take advantage of convenient scheduling. Talk to us for more details and get an appointment to set the Moose Loose!

Contact Carolina Climate Control today and set the Moose Loose in Your Neighborhood!

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