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Spring Is the Time to Join The Moose Plan: It’s Cool!


Spring is usually considered a slower time of the year for heating and air conditioning companies like us. This makes sense: the weather is in that middle zone where heating and air conditioning emergencies are extremely rare. However, we still keep busy at Carolina Climate Control during the spring—because this is when our customers need The Moose Plan! 

The Moose Plan

“Hey, what’s ‘The Moose Plan’?” you ask.

We’re glad you did! The Moose Plan is how we help our customers keep their home comfort systems working around the year, for less! 

When you join The Moose Plan, you’ll receive annual spring air conditioning maintenance in Greenville, SC from our team plus heating maintenance in the fall. The Moose Plan goes beyond taking care of your HVAC equipment. We’ve also packed in several bonus benefits to make getting maintenance an even better deal:

  • 15% discount for any necessary repairs
  • No overtime charges (diagnostic rates still apply)
  • Priority scheduling so you can jump to the front of the service queue
  • We schedule maintenance visits when they’re due so you won’t forget

All our team of maintenance professionals are NATE-certified so you’ll always receive top-quality work from top-quality people.

What Maintenance Itself Gives You

We’re proud of The Moose Plan and the way it makes HVAC maintenance an even better value for our customers. But even without those benefits, regular spring maintenance is one of the best services you can have for your home.

It ensures your air conditioning system will work at its peak efficiency, last for as long as possible, and encounter few repairs. Maintenance means better comfort at a lower cost and with a minimum number of hassles.

Let’s break down the major benefits:

  • Fewer repairs: The majority of repairs that air conditioning systems need occur because of lack of maintenance. So if you have your AC maintained annually, you can expect to run into half the number of malfunctions. That means a lot of your money and time saved.
  • Higher energy efficiency: The wear and tear on an air conditioning system each summer is enough to cause it to lose energy efficiency. As efficiency drops, your electric bills rise. Maintenance slows down this decline so you won’t have to deal with continually escalating utility bills. Spend that money on more summer fun!
  • Longer equipment life: One of the best ways to save money on your AC is to keep it working for as many years as possible. If you schedule maintenance regularly, you can expect 10-15 years of effective and efficient service from your air conditioning. Without maintenance, that number might fall to half!
  • Peace of mind: Who wants to turn their AC on during the hottest day of summer and find that it isn’t working? Nobody, of course. Maintenance is the best “insurance plan” you can have that your AC will work whenever you need it to. You can relax and enjoy a cool summer.

Reach out to Carolina Climate Control today to join The Moose Plan. “The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood!”

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