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An AC Tune-Up Saves You Money: Here’s How


In April we wrote a reminder about having air conditioning maintenance done before the summer arrives. Our Moose Plan makes it easy and more rewarding!

Now it’s almost officially summer, and if you haven’t yet scheduled your AC tune-up in Greenville, SC through our maintenance plan, we definitely recommend you do it now. Although there’s technically no expiration date for maintenance (as long as it gets done once a year), you’ll get the most benefits from a tune-up and inspection if you have it completed before the main summer heat arrives.

Need some more encouragement to sign up for the Moose Plan and schedule your AC tune-up? Our mascot, Moose, has put together a list of ways that getting maintenance pays you back. The money you save over the lifetime of your air conditioner, combined with the peace of mind that your AC is working its best, is well worth it. 

Fewer Repairs

One of the biggest savings you’ll enjoy when you’ve got a well-tuned-up air conditioner is that you’ll have to pay for far fewer repairs over its service life. Studies have shown that more than 50% of the repairs an AC may need are due to maintenance neglect—so you’ll eliminate more than half of them. That’s plenty of money left in the bank, probably enough to pay for a nice vacation.

No Early Replacement Cost

What is the most expensive repair for an air conditioner? Having to replace it. The longer your air conditioner runs, the better your return on investment. Regular maintenance can often get an air conditioner to last for 15 years. Lack of maintenance may mean replacing the AC after only 8 years, which means losing 7 valuable years and paying too early to get a new system.

High Energy Efficiency

Unless you have an electric water heater, your air conditioning system uses more electricity to run than any indoor appliance in your house. This means that your AC accounts for a large chunk of the electric bill you pay each summer month.

If the air conditioner isn’t routinely tuned up, it will lose energy efficiency to wear and dirt, causing it to become more expensive to run. Maintenance keeps the energy efficiency high and slows down the system’s decline so you won’t pay more to operate the AC than you have to. This can mean saving several hundred dollars a year.

Avoid Paying Out-of-Pocket for Manufacturer Faults

2% of ACs leave the factory with some type of fault. This is why you have a warranty: if the AC fails because of a factory fault, the warranty will cover the cost of the parts. But for the warranty to remain in force, the AC requires regular maintenance. Keeping the warranty valid can save you from some steep repair bills, and it may even pay for an early replacement—so always have maintenance so you’ll keep your warranty.

Saving money is only one of the benefits of maintenance. As a member of our Moose Plan, you’ll enjoy extra perks that make maintenance a true bargain!

Call Carolina Climate Control today to schedule your spring maintenance appointment. The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood!

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