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Strange Noises That Warn You Your Heater Needs Repairs


Moose, our mascot, has sharp ears and can hear the smallest strange noises inside a heating system that tell him something is wrong. You don’t have ears as finely tuned to tiny noises, but you can still use your heating to detect when your heater isn’t working properly.

Outwardly, nothing else may seem wrong: the heater is still turning on and sending out hot air. But these noises can warn of bigger problems on the horizon. The sooner you act on getting heating repair in Greenville, SC, the less likely you’ll end up with a heating disaster later on. Catching repair issues early makes them easier for us to fix as well!

So let’s get into the real detective work and go over some of these warning sounds to listen for. You already know what your heating system sounds like when it’s running normally, so pay attention to anything that sounds out of the ordinary and compare it to this list.


This might be a simple problem you can correct yourself: check to see if the panel to the heater cabinet is fully locked. A loose panel can often create a rattling sound. If this isn’t the problem, the rattling may mean parts are coming loose inside the heater or have already come loose. Please don’t try to poke around your heating system to find out what—it’s time to call us for repairs.


Clicking sounds are normal right after a heater completes a heating cycle. It’s the sound of mechanical parts cooling down, similar to what you hear from a vehicle engine after it turns off. If you hear clicking at other times and it’s continual or especially loud, it can point to a range of problems, many of them electrical. If you have a gas furnace, the sound might warn of a cracked heat exchanger which is a serious problem.

Mechanical Shrieking and Grinding

These noises are probably coming from motors. The shrieking comes from motor bearings that are wearing down and are close to shot. If the bearings wear down completely, the motor will burn out. If you catch this in time, technicians can replace the bearings.

Grinding usually means a motor is burning out and will need a replacement. You might notice an acrid odor along with the grinding sound—turn the heater off right away and call for assistance.

Clanging and Banging

Sharp metallic sounds like this are often due to trouble with the blower. A fan blade is bent or the blower assembly has come loose and the blades are striking the housing. Whatever is creating the noise is causing plenty of damage, so shut off the power to the heater first before contacting us to arrange for repairs.


This is a noise you might hear from a gas furnace. It’s the sound of a large amount of combustion gas igniting at once, probably because of delayed ignition. You don’t want this to continue, so first shut off the gas to the furnace and then call for help. Do not attempt to make any repairs to a gas furnace on your own. 

Contact Carolina Climate Control when you need repairs for your heater. The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood!

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