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Some Ways You Can Use a Ductless Mini Split in Your Home


Ductless mini splits are changing the ways that people heat and cool their homes. Instead of needing to rely on a built-in network of ducts and a central cooling and heating system, they can instead install a ductless mini split that uses wall-mounted air handlers (all connected to a single outdoor unit) to send conditioned air around the home. 

But what if your home already has ductwork? Does that mean there’s no reason to have a ductless mini split installation in Greenville, SC? Not necessarily. Ductless mini splits are flexible devices that can serve different purposes. You can use this flexibility in your home as well. 

Below we’ll look at some ways you can put a ductless mini split heat pump to work in your house. Please ask our experts any questions about other ways to use the power of ductless heating and cooling.

Heating and cooling add-on rooms.

If you want to expand your house with an add-on room, such as a new bedroom or an office space, you’ll run into a dilemma with your HVAC system. Your current central heating and cooling system isn’t designed to handle this extra space, so simply expanding ductwork to reach the new space won’t work unless you overhaul the whole system. What you can do instead is have a ductless mini split installed into the add-on room: it just requires wall space for the air handler and an exterior unit. 

Converting a garage or attic.

Another way to expand the use of your house is to have a garage or attic conversion. These locations are almost never heated or cooled, so part of the conversion involves finding a way to deliver heat and cooling to them. As with the add-on room, it’s not cost-effective to tamper with the rest of the HVAC system. The best way to cool and heat the converted space is with a ductless mini split. You can have multiple air handlers if the space is especially large and needs extra power. (Most ductless mini splits can support 4–8 indoor air handlers.)

Eliminating hard-to-heat and cool spots.

Many homes have them: that one room that never seems to be the right temperature. It’s too cold in winter, too hot in summer, and nothing you do with the thermostat does any good. Trying to conquer these hot-cold spots with changes to the ductwork and the HVAC system is an expensive and disruptive chore. A ductless mini split makes it easy, however. A single outdoor unit hooked to a wall-mounted air handler and that’s it!

Handling rooms with special cooling or heating needs.

You may have a room in your house that, although connected to the HVAC system, has special requirements. This might be a hobby room that generates large amounts of heat, or a place where you often entertain that needs more cooling when people are gathered there. You can have a ductless mini split unit added to add the necessary heating/cooling power without making changes to the HVAC system that takes care of the regular needs of the rest of the house.

Rely on Carolina Climate Control to help you with ductless mini splits for your home. The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood! 

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