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Why Is One of My Ductless Room Units Not Working?


If you find that one of the indoor blower units for your home’s ductless mini split system isn’t working, you’ll be annoyed about it. However, this is a time when you’ll also discover one of the greatest advantages of having a ductless mini split heat pump: if only one indoor unit breaks, it doesn’t affect the others. You’ll only lose heating or cooling in a single space, and you won’t have a major comfort emergency until you get a mini split repair in Greenville, SC from our technicians.

Now that we’ve helped you see a “bright side” to your predicament, we’ll look into the reasons why that one wall unit isn’t doing its job.

Dead batteries in the remote

This is an easy place to start, and it’s a common cause of people thinking they’ve got a busted mini split. Since you use remotes to turn the unit on and off (otherwise you’d always need a ladder to reach it), the batteries in the remote may have died. Put in new batteries before doing anything else and see if you get the wall unit to turn on.

Dirty air filters

All of the indoor blower units have a set of permanent plastic filters inside them to catch dust and other particles they pull in through their air intake. Open up the front of the unit and see if the filter is excessively dirty. Sometimes, a dirty filter will cause the unit to stop working entirely. Clean the filter, let it dry, and then put it back in place to see if the unit works again.

Burnt-out motor

Each of the indoor blower units houses its own blower motor to push air across the refrigerant coil and then into the room. Like any motor, a blower motor will eventually burn out and stop working. You can get our technicians to replace the motor, or in some cases replace the entire unit if it’s old enough.

Condensate line blockage

Because each indoor unit creates condensate moisture in summer, they have to channel this moisture out of the back of the unit. If this line backs up and water tries to flow back into the wall unit, the unit will automatically shut off to prevent damage. You need technicians to fix whatever is wrong with the condensate drainage system for the blower to work again.

No electrical connection

Most wall units are hardwired into the electrical system of the house. For various reasons, the blower unit could lose this connection because of bad wiring or possibly a tripped fuse. Check the circuit breakers first and reset any tripped ones. If the unit still doesn’t operate, technicians will need to check to dismount the unit and check its connections.

Refrigerant line problems

The issue may be with the line that carries refrigerant to the unit. It’s possible for this line to become blocked without at first affecting the other wall units, causing the blower to fail to work. Professionals must find out if there’s a problem with the refrigerant lines and look for leaks—low refrigerant will eventually harm the entire mini split system.

For all your ductless mini split heat pump needs, look to Carolina Climate Control. The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood!

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