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The Best Benefits of Choosing a Ductless AC/Heating System

Once upon a time, there were only two options available for a home when it came to air conditioning:

  • Multiple window air conditioning units
  • A central air conditioning system using ductwork

These two choices didn’t offer much space between them: if a house didn’t have ductwork, it had to use window ACs or else go through the expense of having parts of the house remodeled to add it. Window ACs were ugly, inconvenient, and low-powered.

However, now there’s a third option: ductless mini split heat pumps. These systems combine the benefits of central air conditioning (you can have cooling throughout the house) with window ACs (no need to add ducts or modify the house in any way). Plus, they come with additional benefits that make them arguably the best all-around choice. We’ll explain the top benefits of considering ductless AC in Greenville, SC for your house.

Cooling and Heating

Ductless systems are heat pumps, and heat pumps offer both heating and cooling in one unit. Standard heat pumps work much like central air conditioners: an outdoor unit responsible for releasing and absorbing heat connects to an indoor unit that sends the cooled/heated air into the ductwork.

A ductless system works the same way, except instead of a single indoor unit hooked to ducts, there are multiple indoor units, small air handlers attached to the walls that blow the conditioned air directly into the room. A ductless system switches easily between heating and cooling.

Energy Savings

When you take ductwork out of the equation for cooling and heating your home, you’ll benefit from superior energy efficiency and lower bills. Ducts allow for heat gain and heat loss, especially if the ductwork has damage. Ductless systems have no heat loss or gain, and you’ll never need to repair ducts or have them cleaned.

Ductless systems save money in another way: they use smaller blower motors for the indoor units, which consume less power than the single large blower required for a central AC or heat pump.

Zone Control Comfort

Zone control is a type of comfort system where you can control which rooms receive conditioned air and which don’t, rather than heating or cooling the entire home each time the HVAC system comes on. Ductless heat pumps have zone control automatically because you can operate each indoor unit separately from the others. This also contributes to energy savings as well as convenience. 


If you have an older house without ductwork, a ductless system is just what you need for comfort—they’re flexible systems that are simple for our technicians to install. You can also use a ductless system for home remodeling, skipping the need to bother with ductwork. Ductless systems make it easier to do room conversions or add-on rooms, since you don’t have to tamper with the existing HVAC system. 

Better Indoor Air Quality

Ductwork collects dust, lint, and other debris that then gets blown into your home’s air when the HVAC system comes on. No need to worry about this when you have a ductless system, because there are no dusty ducts to get in the way!

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