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4 Common AC Repair Needs

Some air conditioning repair needs are more common than others. It is important to be aware of common AC needs so that if the signs of these problems pop up, you can call for service sooner rather than later. After all, acting fast is the difference between having a cheaper and easier repair to make or a more involved one that has the potential to leave lasting damage.

When you suspect that you need AC repair in Greenville, SC, give us a call to schedule your appointment. We can check out your air conditioner and address any potential problems to get your AC working like normal again. You can keep reading to learn more about four common AC repair needs and the early signs of each one.

Thermostat Repair or Replacement 

Sometimes an issue with your air conditioner does not actually have anything to do with your air conditioner at all. Instead, problems can happen with the thermostat. If your thermostat is not communicating correctly with your air conditioner, your air conditioner may not operate the way it was intended to.

If you notice that your air conditioner is turning on and off frequently, or turning on and remaining on for a long period of time without cycling back off for a break, your thermostat may be to blame. Sometimes our team can re-calibrate your thermostat, but other times we have to replace it with a newer model. The good news is that if you need a new thermostat, a smart thermostat can actually boost your energy efficiency and help you maximize air conditioning output. 

Duct Services

It’s also possible that things like a lack of airflow or inconsistent cooling have more to do with your ductwork. If ductwork shifts around or gets damaged, airflow can either get trapped or escape before ever reaching your home.

Experts estimate that if broken ductwork seals cause you to lose just 20% of the conditioned air, your energy costs can increase as much as 50%. Cleaning and resealing your ductwork can go a long way toward helping your air conditioner operate effectively and efficiently.

Refrigerant Line Repairs

If you notice an odor coming from your air conditioner that is sweet or smells like a chemical, you may have a refrigerant line leak. Another sign of a refrigerant leak is hearing either hissing or bubbling sounds.

Noticing any of these signs means that you need to call for service right away. Refrigerant leaks can be dangerous if you either touch or breathe in the chemical. Our team needs to repair the lines and recharge refrigerant levels so that your air conditioner can work at its best again.

Condensate Drain Line Clogs

If you are not cleaning out your condensate drain line with half a cup of vinegar, you’re running the risk of condensate drain line clogs. Clogs can happen because of dust buildup or mold growth inside of the line. The condensate drain line is not very big to begin with, so it is prone to clogs. 

Signs that you have a condensate drain line clog include water leaking out near the indoor portion of the pipe or higher-than-normal humidity levels. Once our team is at your home to break down the clog and clean out the lines, you will need to keep up with monthly maintenance to prevent it from happening again. 

Just unscrew the cap on the pipe sticking up near the indoor portion of your unit and pour some vinegar in whenever you change out the air filter. Vinegar can help eliminate residue or mold sticking to the sides of the line.

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